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6 Keys to Post-Pandemic Out-of-Home Advertising Success

In this strange new normal, it's increasingly vital to adapt advertising strategies to meet your customers where they are, both physically and digitally.

Matt O'Connor

3 Ways Amazon SEO Can Go Wrong

SEO on Amazon is very different from SEO on Google. Taking the time understand and implement Amazon SEO best practices can pay off in the form of more visibility and more sales for your brand.

Nick Heethuis

How To Create A Lead Magnet People Actually Want To Download

When you finally align your lead magnet with the psychology of your readers, your audience will grow like wildfire.

Nick Wolny

"Stop Z", the Ukrainian marketing campaign to remove the letter Z from the world's logos

Can you imagine what the Amazon logo would look like without a Z? A Ukrainian agency is asking big brands to stop using the font in their logos until the war is over.

Cerveza Victoria will celebrate Taco Day with NFTacos

The oldest beer in Mexico pays tribute to the taco by creating NFT's redeemable for food in the real world.

Why Personal Branding for Women Is More Important Than Ever

The pandemic resulted in a disproportionate number of lost jobs for women, which is why their need to self-brand effectively is uniquely critical.

Lakesha Cole

6 Ways Small Towns Can Create More Economic Growth

Ideas for creating growth locally and for bringing growth from outside your locale.

4 Easy Ways To Get Mega Influencers On Your Podcast

Those who have podcasts can become an instant celebrity with the right podcasting strategy. Podcasts offer many benefits, including access to influential guests that will soar your credibility. Here's 4 easy ways that are proven to bring in mega-influencers on your podcast show.

Hollie Kitchens

4 Post-Pandemic Marketing Lessons to Embrace Today

Some adaptations to Covid-19 will prove temporary, but others will both endure and be a boon to future growth.

Jean Ginzburg

5 Steps to Craft a Story That Hooks Your Audience Every Time

Still slapping a bunch of facts and figures into your copy? Try wrapping your core message into a story that will breathe life into your brand while simultaneously capturing your audience's attention (and wallets).

This is the advertising spot that brogught back "Chavo del Ocho" with a deepfake

The mystery has been revealed: the deepfake of the emblematic TV character is part of an advertising campaign for a paid television brand.

This Is the Future of Digital Ads. Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready?

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly, to be sure, but there are already proven ways of making certain that you both keep up and excel in this field.

Jessica Wong