Personal Branding

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Five Steps To Brand Yourself In 2020

Personal branding helps you build authenticity, trust, credibility, and connections.

Social Media

3 Stealth Ways to Express Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Purpose, passion and a design that pops are all central to success on the social-media platform.


Why Personal Branding Is a Secret Weapon

Personal branding builds trust with customers and employees.


The Executive Selection: Piccola

The Croatian brand creates personalized accessories, and is known for their woven basket bags and clutches.

Growth Strategies

Likeability In Business: Why We Need It More Than Ever

Three strategies to create a special link with strangers and collaborators across almost any distance.

Growth Strategies

Does Your Workplace Need Branding?

The main goal of every company is to ensure that its employees live and work by its values. Workplace branding plays a key role in realizing that goal

Growing a Business

Your Personal Brand Is Just as Important as Your Business Brand

Founders can benefit from making themselves more accessible as their company grows.


Branding Expert Rey Perez on Empowering Others and His Life's Mission to Be a 'Kingmaker'

Thoughts equal beliefs; beliefs equal actions; actions equal results, he says.

Social Media

How To Leverage LinkedIn To Build Your Personal Brand

If you are not on LinkedIn, you're minimizing your chances of becoming a brand and being discovered.


3 Executive-Branding Lessons We Can Learn From Elon Musk

Like him or not, the polarizing founder of Tesla and SpaceX has successfully demonstrated transformational leadership.

Starting a Business

How to Cultivate Employee Advocates and Brand Ambassadors to Attract Top Talent

When a company has a great reputation, they're talking the talk; when they have a reputable internal culture, they're walking the walk


3 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Since the future of any sector is uncertain, it's important to build a personal brand that transcends your industry

Growth Strategies

5 Sustainable Pillars for Building a Brand in the Indian Market

How you define the core will impact the entire business ecosystem


Marketing Yourself: Developing Your Personal Brand

Followers, stories, posts and DMs; these combined are your ticket to building an excellent personal brand.