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Report Warns Alcohol, Processed Meats and Obesity Increase Stomach Cancer Risk

The authors claim avoiding these factors could prevent 4,000 new stomach cancer cases in the U.S. each year.

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Sean Parker Donates $250 Million to Fight Cancer

The Napster founder and former Facebook president created the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which will focus on using the body's immune system to combat cancer cells.

Science & Technology

This New High-Tech Wonder Bra May Help Detect Breast Cancer

The invention uses infrared sensors to monitor temperature.

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Put Down That Bagel: Some High-Carb Foods May Drastically Increase Your Risk of Lung Cancer

'We observed a 49 percent increased risk of lung cancer among subjects with the highest daily glycemic index,' author of new study says.

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The Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson Doesn't Mean More Judgements Will Follow

While Jacqueline Fox's family won $72 million in damages this week, not all plaintiffs in the 1,200 similar pending talc powder-cancer cases will be cashing in.

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This Microscope Can Detect Cancer Without a Biopsy

The new handheld microscope uses tiny mirrors and optical beams to zoom in and quickly create image scans at the cellular and subcellular level.

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Vice President Biden to Steer New Efforts to Cure Cancer

The VP's plan is to boost funding for cancer research and 'break down the silos' so that researchers can better collaborate.


How This Entrepreneur Coped With Tragedy While Running a Business

Barry Foot turned his passion for cruises into his profession. Then he used his profession to honor his late wife.

Health & Wellness

This Innovative Cap Helps Chemotherapy Patients Keep More Hair

The FDA approved the DigniCap for use in the U.S. this week.

Health & Wellness

Processed Meats Like Bacon, Hotdogs Linked to Cancer, World Health Organization Says

Untreated meat has also been dubbed 'probably carcinogenic to humans' by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


Recovering From Cancer Surgery, This Franchisee Relied on the Benefits of Massage

Kay Hechler found massage therapy so helpful that she and her husband opened a Hand & Stone massage franchise.

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What Leaders Can Learn From America's No. 1 Cancer Center

When his wife got sick, Michael Lee Stallard learned that a place's attitude can help heal as much as the medicine it provides.

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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Has 'Highly Curable' Form of Lymphoma

Blankfein will work as normal throughout his treatment, but has reduced his travel plans.

Health & Wellness

Would You Drink This Sweet, New Sunscreen? Yes, We Said Drink.

Is the latest drinkable sunblock under the sun the real protective deal or just plain shady?


A Cancer survivor narrates her tribulations in the most amazing way

Cancer taught me more than the rest of my life put together, it made me stronger wiser and courageous.