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Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

Successful start-up marketing requires one to have a great product and great marketing

Business News

Russian-Linked Facebook Ad Scandal Shows Just How Intricate Targeting Can Be

The growing evidence of a politically weaponized Facebook advertising campaign backed by Russia underscores the uncanny precision of ad targeting.

Starting a Business

#5 Reasons Why Setting up a Start-up is a Lot Like the First Day Of College

While building a team, entrepreneurs need to have a group of like-minded individuals

Starting a Business

#8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Your Own Apparel Line

The biggest impediment is the ability to understand and meet the demands of the end consumer with the ever-changing market trends


5 Ways to Up Your Content-Marketing Game

Creating quality content is only the beginning.

Growth Strategies

Why Entrepreneurs in India need to Capitalize on Mobile Advertising

Here's how mobile advertising can lead your business growth in the market.

News and Trends

Co-living Is Emerging As Renewed Business Opportunity, say These #2 Entrepreneurs

'What's pushing the culture of co-living in metros is the bait of a social life'


If You Don't Have a Good Customer Avatar, You're Losing Money

How a simple customer avatar can help you focus your message and close more sales


What Makes Indian Entrepreneurs Wealthy?

Indian entrepreneurs have always understood their clients intuitively better than any data analytics too

Growth Strategies

How To Predict Disruption Potential Of A Business Idea?

Your product should offer multiple advantages over the existing product in terms of ease of use, flexibility, convenience and so on so forth


How to Hit It Out of the Park With Your Audience

Lessons in product-market fit from the San Francisco Giants CIO.


#3 Ways Startups Can Manage Marketing at Slimmer Budgets

The key is to understand who are you talking to and what matters to your customers.

Business Ideas

How to Compete With the Big Guys and Win

It's going to take a gutsy mix of focus, quality and authenticity to be David to their Goliath.

Social Media

5 Essentials for Connecting With Your Ideal Target Market on Social Media

Half the world is online. Your job is finding the fraction of them who will respond to what you are offering.

Growth Strategies

Targeting the Millennial Market For Business

How Bina built a business around helping companies take advantage of the powerful demographic trends shaping the way consumers interact with businesses.