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Why Vine Is Losing Its Luster in the Eyes of the World's Biggest Brands

Can content that lasts a mere six seconds become a sustainable format for marketers?

Geoff Weiss

YouTube Just Divulged the Details of 'Dance Camp,' Its First Feature-Length Film

The Google-owned platform is investing in its own creator ecosphere like never before.

Geoff Weiss

How to Overcome 6 Obstacles Facing Every Online Marketer

The Internet offers a vastly bigger marketing opportunity than ever existed. You're not the only one who finds it overwhelming sometimes.

Firas Kittaneh

The Tricks to Creating the Perfect Social-Media Post (Infographic)

Here are some tips that will put you on the right path to better Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine posts.

Kevin Allen

Twitter's Head of Video Hints at Monetization Plans for 'All' Creators

Speaking at VidCon, Baljeet Singh teased the idea of rolling out video monetization to 'all types of creators' on Twitter.

Geoff Weiss

Shake Shack Is 100 Times More Successful Than McDonald's on Instagram, Analysts Say

Looking at Instagram followers per total sales, the newly public hamburger chain comes out far ahead of larger competitors on social media, according to Goldman Sachs.

Kate Taylor

Vine Launches Standalone App for Children

The micro-video platform developed the app spinoff during Hack Week, when employees remarked how much their children loved Vine.

Geoff Weiss

Twitter Premieres New Mobile Video and Group Messaging Features

The social juggernaut added Group Direct Messaging and mobile video recording to its growing list of share-happy bells and whistles today.

Steve Ballmer La-La-Loves Fergie's New Hit Song, Too

True to his wild ways, the boisterous former Microsoft CEO Fergaliciously came unhinged at last night's Los Angeles Clippers game. You have to see it to believe it.

5 Social-Media Sources of Testimonials for Your Business

By monitoring your public posts and encouraging your fans to share what they value about your company's product or service, you'll build a strong portfolio of credible recommendations.

7 Cool Social Apps That Are Changing the Way We See Ourselves

There is much more to social media than Facebook and Twitter.

John Rampton

Meet Ocho, the Social Video Startup That Caught Mark Cuban's Eye

How many seconds does it take to shake up the social video game? Jourdan Urbach and Jonathan Swerdlin are betting eight seconds will do the trick. Comment trolls need not apply.