Startups Magazine: October 2003

Featured Article

I Spy Something Dyed . . .

Two sisters went undercover to investigate a possible franchise--and liked what they saw.

Food for Thought

One entrepreneur gets a fresh start with a bright (and healthy) idea.

In Your Place

How to tell if your start-up idea is based on a niche, a trend or just a fad that will fizzle

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Friends in Need

Now you can find start-up support without ever leaving your computer.

All Systems Go

Here's how to get sales of your new product off the ground, using the Internet as your launching pad.

Do It Yourself

You may have to wear many hats as a homebased entrepreneur, but they don't have to weigh you down.

Plan of Attack

Is a business plan really necessary for a homebased business?

The Burning Questions

Before deciding on a kiosk, be sure you've answered three essential questions.

What's the Story?

A mom's quest to preserve her daughter's childhood memories turns into an entrepreneurial adventure.

Smooth Moves

This franchisee got his big break when an opportunity showed up on his doorstep.

Ready, Set . . .

Want to own your own business? Here are more than 1,500 ways to get started.

Dramatic Improvement

All the world's a stage for one entrepreneur and the kids who take her acting classes.