Startups Magazine: September 2008

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50 Steps to Startup Success

We've tapped the minds of business experts and entrepreneurs to bring you the essential steps to launching a business.

Be Your Own Boss

If you long to run things, but crave a little structure, a franchise or biz opp could be the perfect solution.

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Never Miss an Opportunity

Find the franchise you love and run with it.

Follow Your Inspiration

When these entrepreneurs had a good idea, they ran with it.

Focusing on Students

Opportunities await for those who serve the college-bound crowd.

Say The Right Thing

Your marketing message should highlight how you're different and motivate prospects to buy.

Protecting Kids, Preserving the Planet

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs who can deliver safe, eco-friendly children's products.

Upgrade Your Attitude

Your outlook affects not only how successful you'll be at managing your business, but also how inspired others will be in supporting your efforts.

You Can Get a Loan

Headlines paint a bleak picture, but startup capital is available to the prepared.

Don't be the Best Kept Secret

Knowledge is power and profit--if you let people know you have it.

Get Cash, Get Started

Entrepreneurs with drive do whatever it takes to find startup money.