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A Refined Taste

Marlo Scott transcended the whole sticky-sweet cupcake trend with a genius concept--serve them with booze!

One Man's Trash

Forget recycling. Reusing materials discarded in the manufacturing process is a growing force behind a fresh new industry.

Don't Melt Down

As an entrepreneur, you're probably either slightly frazzled, mildly frayed or full-on exhausted.

On the Green Way

Put the kibosh on your turbine dreams. Instead, turn to the past to create an eco-business with a sound future.

How to Build a Winning Brand

Create your image, get known and give your customers what they want. Just leave the ego at home.

The Secret Sauce Part II

We blended a team of digital marketing experts with an old-school rib joint to see if social media can really work.

The Multiple Choice

Not every franchisee has what it takes to juggle more than one brand, but those who do can reap big rewards

Opportunity Eats

Our list of the top restaurant franchises--and how to be innovative when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

The 'Trep Beat

A look at our 2011 annual Growth Conference.


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Green Idols

What do a Lincoln Continental, a Victoria Secret model and Kevin Costner have to do with each other? Environmentalism. Duh.
Doing Good

Sound Principles

How one earplug company supports jobs for 200 people with disabilities.
Editor's Note

Talking Trash

In honor of Earth Day, this month we look at a host of green business ideas and new market opportunities.
Franchise Ink

The Big Score

Local schools in need of new equipment win big when they partner with a Sports Image franchise.
Lead Gen

The Downside of Discounting

Social coupons can appealing--but make sure you're prepared to handle the rush of new customers they can bring.

Bridge the Gap

From online to off, and the other way around. Why both worlds still matter.

Life, Unscrambled

After a brain injury left him disoriented and forgetful, a former small-business owner finds clarity in cooking.
App of the Month

Alternative Accommodations

Next time you hit the road on business, skip the hotel and check into an igloo or castle instead.
Ask a Pro

Blended Families

Considering an acquisition? Learn to minimize a potential blow to employees and maximize the value of existing talent.
Business Unusual

Wax Artistic

A Colorado salon adds a heavy dose of style as it takes away unwanted hair

An IOU for the IRS

What to do when you can't pay the taxes you owe by April.

Guarded Angels

Does gender affect how investment decisions are made?
Who Is Getting VC

It's Better to Giveo

A new way for small nonprofits to tap into big audiences and raise awareness and exposure online.
Your Money

Unearth the Unwired Deals

Is it really possible to save money on your mobile service? It is--if you know the right places to look.

Good Deals, for Good

A discount site adds a charitable twist to online shopping, supporting both local businesses and nonprofit causes
Website to Watch

Sellout Artists

Big Cartel offers bands, fashion designers, poster printers and other talents an online platform to market their merchandise.
College Startups

Dressed for Success

Blank Label founders Fan Bi and Danny Wong have made more than $350,000 in their first year.
Finance for Startups

A Risky Business

Is funding your startup with your retirement savings ill-advised or smart investing?
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

Let's Get This Potty Started

An Atlanta entrepreneur helps turn unmentionable business into a fancy affair.
Ask A Geek

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Cloud

The question: As a small-business owner, how can I protect my business from looming online security threats?
Mobile Tech

Get Your App in Gear

AppMakr's do-it-yourself mobile application development platform turned Filter Publications into a mobile app developer.
Mobile Tech

Is That a Hot Spot in Your Pocket?

If it is, your friends and colleagues will be happy to see you--and leech off your mobile high-speed connection.
Shiny Object of the Month

An Ear for Comfort

A new Bluetooth device from Bose makes you hands-free without the hurt
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